Cotton Ball Lights is not only a product but a whole concept that is rapidly conquering the world. Worldwide, our Cotton Ball Lights organization has a network of distributors (see our ‘Global Network’ page). Our website is not designed to place online orders. It only gives you an overview of who we are, what we do and what we produce.
Cotton Ball Lights Thailand is producing exclusively for the export market. Our products are individually checked for quality and design to meet our guaranteed export quality standard and are 100% Fair Trade made.

Cotton Ball Lights Thailand / FairTrade ChiangMai is not a distributor/wholesale but a producer who produces Cotton Balls on order. Our current production capacity is 100.000 Cotton Balls/week
As producer we work with three categories of customers with its own three price-categories:
Category A: CBL Distributors who annually order 500,000 or more Cotton Balls.
Category B: CBL Distributors who annually order 200,000 till 500,000 Cotton Balls.
Category C: CBL Distributors who annually order less than 200,000 Cotton Balls.
Our total Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) is 75,000 Cotton Balls / order.
Also you can see our Minimum Order Quantities (MOQ) of our single products on our ‘Products’ page.

Customers who want to order less than our MOQ, we refer to one of our CBL Distributors.
We work with ‘Protected CBL Distributors’. This means that if in a particular country we already have a CBL Distributor, we not supply direct to third parties in that country without consultation our CBL Distributor in that country.

You also can look to our ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ page if you have question. Request for information, prices and how to place an order, please refer to our ‘Contact’ page. Here you can ask your question to us or request for email an order-form to you.