Frequently Asked Questions

What is the size of the your cotton balls
The diameter of our Cotton Balls is 6.5 cm
All our packing materials (Carton-, PVC- and PET-boxes) are based on this size

What is the meaning of MOQ
MOQ means Minimum Order Quantity

What is the MOQ of the products
The MOQ’s of our products you can find on our ‘Order-Form’

What are the dimensions, volume and weight of the products
The dimensions, volume and weight you can find on our ‘Order-Form’

How many balls fits in a container
In a 20ft container fits about 94.000 ball = 940 box/100pcs
In a 40ftHQ container fits about 220.000 ball = 2.200 box/100pcs
With our ‘Order-Form’ you can calculate what is fitting in a container

What is the production-lead time of a full container
Our production capacity is 100.000 normal ball/week
The total production-lead time depends of the number of orders we have in our production-que
The production-lead time of CBLamps is 6 till 8 weeks
The production-lead time of our X-mass ball is 6 till 8 weeks
The production-lead time of PVC- and PET-boxes is 5 weeks
The production-lead time of light strings (China) is 8 till 10 weeks

What are your payment conditions?
Deposit payment of 50% at order
Final payment before shipping of the order
Receipt of the deposit payment determined the sequence of an order in our production-que