About us

FairTrade ChiangMai was founded in 2006 by Herman and Jurawan Leyten as ‘Khilek Handicraft Centre‘ with the aim of making traditional Northern Thai handicrafts (keychains, mobiles and jewelry) for delivery to the Dutch World Shops and Fair Trade Shops. In 2011 we met the owner of Cotton Ball Lights, Mr. Luc Clement, with the question of we also could produce Cotton Balls for him because he was dissatisfied with the export quality of his former producer. After figuring out the secret manufacturing process and a try-out period of 3 months we were able to produce Cotton Balls of excellent export quality. In early 2012, we have changed the name ‘Khilek Handicraft Centre’ in ‘FairTrade ChiangMai’ and official registered the company as Co., Ltd. with European and Thai shareholders.
Cotton Ball Lights Thailand was born. The 1st year (2012) we made an export output of 600.000 Cotton Balls with 10 employees. This has grown to an annual production of 4.500.000 export Cotton Balls in 2015 with 65 employees working in the production of Cotton Balls.

The Cotton Ball Lights organization has grown from only a main office in Holland in 2012 to a global importers / distributors / dealer network in more than 28 countries on 4 continents.

Since 2006 we are working by the Fair Trade rules an principles of WFTO. In 2015 we become official WFTO Provisional Member (WFTO ID number: 729). We are proud to be the only one and largest Fair Trade Cotton Ball producer in the world.